Advice from Michael Treschow, Global Chairman of Unilever – B. Accountability podcast series

Michael TreschowAs a facilitator and advisor for several great companies I hear many interesting questions from both company leadership and from people within the organisation responsible for strategy, supply chain programs and reporting.

As many of you may know, I share my insights on an ongoing basis. However,  I feel that we all can benefit from hearing directly from the best.

I see Unilever as one of the best.

I was lucky enough to start working with Unilever 20 years ago on sustainability strategy and reporting. They have continuously improved every year (no I can’t take the credit).

I have known Michael Treschow since 2011 and I deeply respect him and how he oversees the work of Unilever, Paul Polman and all the great people working for Unilever on the Sustainable Living Plan.

I am sure that we can all learn from the wise words and advice that Michael shares in this podcast. More specifically, he shares his insights after a long and prominent career on the changing roles of the Board of Directors; something he has experience with given his membership in various prestigious boards. Michael speaks about the emergence of sustainability, accountability and the changing understanding of transparency in business.

Listen to this podcast if you want to learn about his views of Sustainability, the lessons he learned as a board member, or gender equality in the boardroom.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions for other questions that you would like me to ask other great leaders in the months to come.

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